A Pretty Personal Post

Posted by Susie Sykes

Susie here!

I know it’s not quite time to ring in the new year just yet, but I’m certainly ready to close the chapter on 2017 – does anyone agree with me? Is anyone else ready for it to be over??

2017 is definitely going down in the Catapult yearbook as the Year of Change.

Cycling into 2018 like…

From launching some amazing projects (hello, City of Edmonton Bike Network!), opening a Calgary office, saying goodbye to a few cherished clients and opening up opportunities for new collaborations, to epic personal challenges and surviving the great Server Crash of 2017, we’ve truly seen it all.

The Great Server Crash

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Change is Good 

I have always been a big believer of the idea that life always has a way of working out in your favor if you work hard at it and never give up.

And now, more than ever, I am a firm believer that the universe works in completely unexpected ways, but it always works out in the end. The world keeps turning and the people who you build relationships with are the ones who carry you through the challenges. They are your family, the people that support you, the ones that have your back.

Conquering 2017, one peak at a time!

So, in the spirit of change, we’ve got a few exciting things up our sleeves that we’re sure will set the foundation for a fantastic 2018:

  1. Catapult has moved into a new office space, which we are really excited about. It’s a shared co-working space called TIMBRE (or “Timbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” as I like to say). If you know where the much-loved Barb and Ernie’s German restaurant is, you know where our new office is. We’ll meet you for a coffee at Transcend (or beers at Blind Enthusiasm) in the Ritchie Market.
  2. I’d like to pay homage to my Catapult work-family; Sophie, Angelica, Hayley, Sarah, and our extended family of trusted freelancers and general super-humans (Denise, Kyle, Kevin, Jordan, Lance, Rhonda). They are the glue that keeps the Catapult ship intact and I am indebted to them forever.
    And, you guys, the Christmas party is going to be epic this year.
  3. Finally, I need to pledge my gratitude to Gillian – the best business partner and friend a gal could ever ask for.

The Catapult Crew

More announcements to come! And, yes, I did say “Calgary office” …

Stay tuned!!