The Catapult Makeover: A fresh look for a bold new chapter

Posted by Susie Sykes


At Catapult, we’re all about marketing greatness.

Day after day we explore the things that make our clients different. We capture those stories and turn them into measurable marketing campaigns that leave lasting impressions.

Recently, we decided it was time to use the same approach on ourselves. We turned the tables and focused the microscope inward. We hunkered down and thought hard. We asked ourselves what we’re really about. What makes our work different? What are our values? What makes us proud about our client relationships? We worked together to define our why – the reason we do what we do, and the special combination of creativity and process that inspires our clients.

Today we’re pleased to unveil the results of that soul searching. Welcome to Catapult 2.0!

We’ve given ourselves a new coat of paint, fine-turned our look and feel, and refined our bold vision for marketing excellence. It’s the same Catapult you have come to know and trust, with a fresh, inspired new look.

We invite you to explore our new website and get to know us all over again. We’ve got a brand new game face, and we’re ready to get down to business.