Beat the Midday Blues

Posted bySusieSykes

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the midday slump.

Picture this: It’s Monday morning. You woke up before your alarm after an eight-hour sleep, you’re finally breaking in your new blazer, and you even had time to stop for a Starbucks on the way to the office. You get to work feeling refreshed and ready to power through your to-do list like a boss.

You. Run. The. Show.

SUDDENLY – lunch comes and goes, your eyelids start to droop, and then it hits you – the inevitable afternoon crash.

As subtle as a brick wall, the infamous midday slump tends to hit around 2 o’clock, dashing all hopes for productivity. Sometimes a third cup of coffee just won’t cut it, so what else can one do when faced with the ultimate task of staying alert until home time?

We’ve tossed this question around Catapult HQ and have rounded up some tried-and-true tips on how our crew fights the midday frump:

“When I’m on the phone with someone, I like to stand up, just because it gets me out of my desk chair for a bit. If I’m dealing with a mental crash, I like to suck on peppermints (or pet Olive).” – Susie, Principal

“The nerdy nutritionist in me snacks on healthy combinations of proteins and fats to promote stable blood sugar levels and maintain better energy throughout the day. Having said that, I also like to have random conversations about goofy topics, go for walks, and listen to upbeat music.” – Debbie, Account Manager

“Coffee or tea at 3:00 PM is always good, plus a little snack! I also like getting up and moving around; I’ll walk outside or bug someone at their desk for a chat.” – Sarah, Art Director

“Coffee gives me superpowers. When that’s not enough, I’ve found that physically leaving the office is important for a focus reset. I’ll take a quick 15 and call my mom or a friend, fuel my caffeine addiction, and get the afternoon juices flowing. Sometimes I’ll even do a ‘version’ of yoga in my office as well, kind of a combination of rock kicks and deep lunges; my grandmother did always say, ‘motion is lotion.’” – Gillian, Director of Marketing Strategy

“Dark chocolate! It’s not the most active solution, but it’s my savior when I need a boost.” – Angelica, Graphic Designer

“Admittedly, I’m pretty bad for staying at my desk all day. When my mind wanders too far out of focus, I usually head to Woodrack Café for a quick chai latte to give my peepers a break from the computer screen. If I have time, I’ll sneak in a lunchtime barre class (if I don’t steal Gela’s chocolate first).” – Hayley, Writer/Project Manager

“When the afternoon rolls around, you’ll start seeing my arms up in the air – that’s me sneaking in some stretches at my desk. Switching up projects can also help; if the flexibility is there in my schedule, sometimes breaking up what I’m working on and switching gears helps me beat the slump. And, of course, snacks are always great! I think Gela is starting to fuel a little chocolate craving in my afternoon schedule!”
Sophie, Graphic Designer

How do you beat the midday blues? Let us know on Twitter @Catapult_yeg!